Live life like I mean it.

Not even Lazarus rose from the dead three times. But I have. And it wasn’t luck or by the grace of some god or other.  It was human intervention, which included my own singular determination to bounce back, my own sense of having a lot further to go and much higher to climb. The further I drop, the higher I rebound. Because I just don’t take life lying down. Not my style. Sure, there were times when I was just a puddle of tears on the floor, but that was part of how I cleansed myself and was then able to get up and start again. I also may have been a bit mousy during certain phases of my life and that is never going to happen again.  From now on, I will write like I mean it, run like I mean it, eat like I mean it, laugh like I mean it, work like I mean it, talk like I mean it, dance like I mean it, breathe like I mean it, love like I mean it — do everything like it could be the last chance I have to be excellent.  If there are any regrets, it would be not taking myself seriously enough as an artist because of all the naysayers out there and in my head, and it would be not treating my body with the utmost respect ALL the time. The body each of us has is the most amazing gift we will ever be given, but we all go days without even tuning in.  When I think of the volume of physical work my body has performed, and what it has been subjected to, I am astounded that I am functioning at this level again. How many miles can I put on this two-legged vehicle? My Prius has over 211,000 miles on it. I think both can just keep on keeping on, if they are treated right.  So I will care for both like I mean it.

I am so glad I have lived to see the day when people can get affordable healthcare, and the day when ALL people can participate in the institution of marriage.  Democratic societies really do move towards increasing liberation, even if it’s inch by inch and not mile by mile.

Happy Independence Day — with liberty and justice for all.