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“At fifteen I started swearing.
It was a man who pushed me to it.
And my dad who taught me how.”

How does a pretty, white, educated, organically grown woman become an alien in her own country?  This is the story about a girl who grows up running on the back roads of her small town and winds up taking the long way home. It unmasks the rare and intimate complexity of the life and mind of a woman who wanted to experience America first-hand rather than listen to opinions about it. Traversing untrammeled American social terrain, she lives her life close to the bone, using little else besides raw instinct and intuition. Her heart pulls her back and forth across the continent, as she leaves no stone unturned. Readers will find themselves walking in the footsteps of this brave quest for identity and a sense of belonging in America. Wandering alone in the woods and mountains, her voice echoes in the wilderness as she attempts to listen to her heart and retain faith in the ideals she believes America is based upon, as part of the vanguard of the women of “Generation X”.

imageMs. Merry Clark was born in Boston and grew up in the Middle of Nowhere, Michigan. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance from the University of Michigan, then moved on to become an actress and an English teacher. Her enduring literary inspirations include Emily Dickinson, Thoreau, and Erica Jong. She is also a three-time survivor of a rare form of ovarian cancer. This is her first book.


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Cover design by Merry Clark

Cover photograph © Merry Clark

Author photograph © David Carlson